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TRE » TRE (Tax Ratification Election)

TRE (Tax Ratification Election)

TRE Project Completion

DISTRICT SAFETY                                                    
Increase Elementary SRO Presence: In training - start August 2014
Rotation Cycle For TISD Buses: In rotation
Science/Lab Resources: Received Nov/Dec 2013
CTE: Health Science: Received Nov/Dec 2013
Fine Arts Programming: Received Nov/Dec 2013
ACE Program Maintenance: Starts 2014-2015 school year
District Student Technology: On a 5 year rotation, will complete first cycle in 2016-17
Campus Library Collections: Received Nov/Dec 2013 
Employee Health Benefits: Received Sept 2013


On June 26, 2013, the TISD School Board called for a Tax Ratification Election (TRE).
The goal this TRE is to provide 21st century opportunities for ALL Temple ISD students through the following initiatives:

  • Construction/expansion of Health Science Program
  • Purchase of new school buses
  • Extension of ACE after-school program
  • Replacement/expansion of band and orchestral instruments
  • Additional science lab equipment
  • Technology plan implementation
  • Library expansion
  • Elementary School Resource Officers

This TRE is for a $0.08 increase to the current rate.  The additional $0.08 per $100 value is $2,892,910.00.