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Region 12 Video Conferencing Resources

What is Region 12 Video Conferencing?

Region 12 offers connections to video conferencing through Edlink 12.  We are changing the way that we connect to Region 12.  Instead of using the traditional video conferencing equipment on your campus, you can now connect from any Internet connected device through Zoom.

Video Conferencing provides a unique opportunity for:

  • Virtual field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Content-inspired expert interviews
  • Class-to-class and class-to-world connections
  • Staff development

TETN Events

Please regularly check the sites below for upcoming TETN events.  If you attend a TETN event and would like to receive credit for the session, please be sure and print the PDF, "TETN Sign-In Sheet" and return it to Region 12 (directions are on the PDF.)  You can find this PDF at the bottom of this page.

Video Conference Events

Registering for a Region 12 Event

You will need to start by registering at the Region 12 event site.  After you complete that registration, you will need to register for a VC Connection also (see below).

Registering For a Connection

For all video conferencing events (TETN or Non-TETN) and Zoom/webinar events, you will need to register for the event as well as the connection.  
To register for the connection, you must fill out the connection form below. This will notify Region 12 to make the connection for you and ensure that you will be able to connect to the program.

Register for a VC Connection

Information needed to register for a connection:

Conference Type:  Choose appropriate type
Event Title AND Session Number:  Enter both title and session number
Content Provider Information:  Can be left blank
Date of Event
Start Time
End Time (approximate)
What district are you connection from?  Choose Temple ISD
VC Unit Connecting:  Enter your campus name (you do not need the IP information)
Method of Connection:  Choose Web (Zoom)
Number of Participants:  Enter the total number (teachers + students)
Grade Levels Connecting:  Choose appropriate grade level(s)
Requesting Person and Technical Contact Same:  Choose No
Name of Requester:  Enter your name
Email Address of Requester:  Enter your email address (all correspondence will go through the email address that you enter)
Technical Contact:  Enter the name of your campus ITS 
Technical Contact Phone #:  Enter your ITS's phone number
Technical contact Email:  Enter your ITS's tisd.org email address
Permission to be recorded:  Accept or deny (If a student does not have a "yes" on mass media release, please deny.)

Setting Up Zoom for a Video Conference