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ACE Program

What is ACE?

ACE provides extended learning opportunities for children and their families and offers innovative, hands-on activities that reinforce and complement students’ regular academic programs. These before and after school activities are based on research and best practices and include academic enrichment, challenging curriculum, and tutorial services.

ACE strives to increase promotion and graduation rates and helps students prepare for college and the workplace.

ACE is a locally and federally funded program.  This program is intended to serve students who are in need of assistance in order to improve academic performance, attendance, behavior, promotion and graduation rates. Specifically, this program is designed to serve students in most need of academic support, adult advocacy, and enrichment opportunities.  Students who are identified as in need of assistance are determined through a careful examination by the Site Coordinator, campus staff and administration.  The students who are determined to have the most pressing of needs will be served first. 



What does ACE offer students?
  • Science & technology education
  • Mentoring programs
  • Enrichment programs
  • Character education
  • Drug-/violence-prevention
  • Community service
  • And more…
Activities and programs are customized by each center and may vary accordingly.
Coordinator of Temple Afterschool Centers for Education (ACE)
Gill Hollie
(254) 215-5963
ACE Secretary
Karina Lopez
(254) 215-6957