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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: As a student, how can I become involved in FFA?

A: Students in grades nine through twelve can become a senior FFA member by enrolling in an Agri-science course and paying the annual FFA membership dues. Third through eighth graders may join Junior FFA by paying the annual FFA membership dues.


Q: Do I have to be a paid FFA member to participate in FFA activities throughout the year?

A: Yes and no. Students may attend and participate in local Chapter meetings and activities without being a paid FFA member. Voting is reserved for paid members.

In order to attend and participate in meetings, events and activities beyond the local level, students must be a paid member.

Per FFA guidelines, to be a paid FFA member, students must be enrolled in a course within the Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resources cluster.


Q: What is the best way to communicate with my FFA advisor?

A: TISD Gmail is the primary way to communicate with teachers outside of class time. Temple ISD encourages the use of the District’s Gmail accounts for the security of staff and students.

If students are attending an FFA event, cell phones may be used. Cell phones may also be used if an animal is sick and needs immediate attention or if there is a last minute change to a next day event. TISD Gmail and face-to-face communication should be utilized all other times.


Q: When are all-teacher signature sheets required and why?

A: Students wishing to participate in activities requiring them to miss more than 15 school days during a school year due to extra-curricular activities, must complete a Teacher Signature Sheet and submit it to an FFA advisor at least one month prior to event registration. This will be reviewed by a campus review committee before approval is given to miss any additional days. It is the student’s responsibility to get the teacher signatures before participation approval is given. See Board Policy FM (LOCAL).


Q: Why do Livestock show money and related papers need to be turned in so early?

A: FFA outlines registration deadlines for events. Additional lead time must be provided per TISD guidelines for proper processing in the TISD business office.


Q: Why are Agriculture Mechanics & Metal Technologies and Welding not taught by an Agri-science teacher?

A: Texas Education Agency defines hiring guidelines for all positions. Both of these courses are part of the Manufacturing coherent sequence.  Instructors can have an agri-science teaching certification or industry experience.  When selecting an instructor, the District weighs the certifications of all instructors and the demands of each class and divides as scheduling permits.  For Agriculture Mechanics & Metal Technologies and Welding, Temple I.S.D. was seeking someone who had manufacturing experience.


Q: How can I further support my FFA student?

A: Become familiar with the National FFA Guidelines Manual.  It is a wonderful tool for teaching leadership.  Review this with your student.

Encourage your student to attend FFA meetings.  This is where students learn parliamentary procedures and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

If there is a problem, have your student address that problem with the other party.  If he or she can't resolve it, then feel free to call the advisor.  But encourage students to address their own issues first.

Students should be responsible for setting up their show schedules and submitting registration forms, etc. according to the prescribed timelines.  This teaches responsibility, organization, and timeliness.

Join the Temple Area FFA Alumni! Students whose lives are impacted by FFA and agricultural education will achieve academic and personal growth, strengthen American agriculture and provide leadership to build healthy local communities, a strong nation and a sustainable world. Membership is for anyone who supports agricultural education and would like to assist FFA members and the Temple FFA Chapter. Contact an FFA officer or staff advisor for additional information.


Q: Will TISD add or change school sponsored events not listed on the FFA Year-at-a-Glance?

A: Because the off-campus activities/livestock shows currently have a limited number of students who participate, we will continue with only the currently identified sponsored events. One of the national FFA guidelines is to grow membership. The future growth of our FFA program is contingent upon our teachers/advisors connecting with students during classes, passing periods, etc. FFA participation/growth will be documented in a program dashboard for the Agri-science department, consistent with national guidelines.

As with most TISD programs, i.e. fine arts and athletics, many TISD students participate in competitions beyond what TISD can sponsor.  Students wishing to attend FFA shows not officially sanctioned by Temple ISD, can still do so through 4H or on their own.  Students wishing to participate in additional shows and/or competition, should be aware of extracurricular attendance guidelines listed in Board Policy FM (LOCAL).


Q: If I am a student and have an issue or concern, what are the best steps for me to take to solve it?

A: The first step for a student to take to resolve issues and/or concerns is to discuss it in person with a teacher and/or advisor. Factual information can be communicated via email but, for efficient communication, issues and/or concerns should be discussed face-to-face.



Q: When are the FFA Chapter meetings, parent information meetings and FFA Alumni meetings? Which meetings will have a posted agenda?

A: FFA Chapter meetings are held most months at Temple High School. Specific dates are noted on the Temple FFA Chapter Year-at-a-Glance distributed to students and posted on the TISD CTE webpage under Temple FFA.

Side-by-side parent information meetings will be held quarterly and are also noted on the Temple FFA Chapter Year-at-a-Glance.

FFA Alumni Association meetings are held at a different time, determined by the Alumni officer team. To get involved, contact an FFA officer or staff advisor for additional information.

Following National FFA Guidelines, FFA student meetings have an agenda posted 48 hours before each meeting. Because the parent information meetings reflect like information, a parent agenda will not be posted but rather shared at the meeting.


Q: Are the Agri-science teacher, parent and/or student livestock show passes interchangeable?

A: No. Livestock show passes should be used as identified: student passes are for students; parent passes are for parents; and, Agri-science teacher passes are for Agri-science teachers.