Internet Access

A common concern of high school parents is Internet access. If there is limited or no access at home, students can download assignments at school to work on at home. If your child is having difficulty getting assignments downloaded, have him/her talk with his/her teacher to get assistance. In addition, there is WiFi access in all areas of the school, including the library, cafeteria, outside seating areas, and all classrooms.  The THS library is open from 7:30 - 5:00 Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 - 4:30 on Fridays.
How much do I need?
The amount of bandwidth needed varies, depending on what you use the bandwidth for.  Use the Internet Data Usage Calculator to get a rough idea of what you might need.  Your cable provider or cell phone provider can also help you decide how much you need.  It is estimated that your student should not need more than 3 GB per month for schoolwork.
If you are interested in adding Internet access at home, you have several options. Please see some of the choices below.

Local Cable Providers

There are several cable/Internet providers in the Temple area.  If you already have cable package with one of these companies, there may be a discount for additional Internet services.


AT&T UVerse

Grande Communications

Hot Spots

Several of the local cell phone companies offer mobile hot spots.  Mobile hot spots are small devices (most fit in the palm of your hand) that offer data connectivity to the Internet.  Most mobile hot spots can connect 6-10 devices to the Internet at the same time.  Often mobile hot spots can be added to existing cell phone plans at a discounted price.  

Verizon Mobile Hot Spots

AT&T Hot Spot Plans

Sprint Hot Spot Plans

T-Mobile Hot Spot Plans

Discounted Internet for Low-Income Families
The Lifeline Program has offered discounted phone services to low-income families since 1985.  In the spring of 2016, the program was revised to include low-cost Internet access.  This program will expand over the next several years.  Currently, there are two options for Lifeline Broadband in our area:
You can find out more about this broadband initiative at the eligibility page.


Wi-Fi Locations in Temple
The Temple Public Library offers free WiFi services.  In addition, several businesses, including the Temple Mall, offer free WiFi at their locations.