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Shout Outs!

Do you want to give a huge pat on the back to a Temple ISD teacher, administrator or staff member?

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Shout Outs!

I want to commend Windee Skrabanek (Athletic Trainer), Cheryl Nelson (Temple High School), Jaime Colon (Jefferson Elementary School), Jennifer Holmes (Western Hills Elementary School), and Robin Lewis (Western Hills Elementary School).  These awesome tribe leaders lead their SurvivorTISD17 tribes to 100% participation in the tribe challenges this year! They are incredible and inspiring! - Luann Hughes, temple ISD Director of Technology
I want to commend Windee Skrabanek (athletic trainer).  She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Her love for the kids and Temple ISD is amazing, as is the support she gives the students and parents.
Windee Skrabanek


My daughter's 1st grade year could easily be titled Junie B Jones Toothless Wonder!  She doesn’t like to get up early, it’s hard for her to sit still, and she’d prefer to hop down the hall rather than walk.  But then there is Mrs. Laurie Sims (Kennedy-Powell Elementary School)!  Mrs. Sims has helped my daughter not only learn to read, but love to read.  Mrs. Sims has helped my daughter develop strategies and controls to facilitate her learning.  Mrs. Sims has collected a wealth of knowledge about my child, using her observations to tailor a learning environment that works for my child and 20 others!  And after teaching all day, Mrs. Sims even had time to talk to me and help me understand the best ways to help my daughter complete 1st grade homework successfully.  TISD has many wonderful staff members and teachers, but I will be forever grateful for the year my daughter spent learning with Mrs. Sims!   She is truly exemplary in all areas and we have been well served and very blessed by her interaction with my little learner! - Melissa Parker


I want to commend Keri Stroup (Scott Elementary School) for her support with with the students and her genuine love and the support she shows toward my grandchild.. She has their best interest at heart and a caring spirit and love for the students and school.  Mrs. Stroup should be awarded with an "I Caught You Caring" award.
I want to commend Ms. Robyn Buro (Temple High School).  She is a very wonderful teacher, she makes a gigantic impact on all the students she encounters! I would not understand as much as I do now in English if it wasn't for her astonishing views on everything she teaches to her classes! Her personality is one of a kind, you will never meet another teacher like her! She makes learning fun and understandable for everyone, and when you do feel lost she will help until you know what you're doing. No one in her class is left behind. To her we are all equal and deserve the right to learn. - Abbygail Smith, Temple High School Freshman
I want to commend Lara Natario (Travis Science Academy).  You have created a reading and writing environment that sets students up for success. One student told me that she can tell her writing has improved…”I can add more details, and punctuate better. This has really helped me!” Thank you again for your all you do to support the success of our students! - Lisa Adams, Executive Director of Secondary Education
I want to commend Sharon Goldman (Temple High School).  Sharon has successfully led Temple High School through the ten year International Baccalaureate evaluation. This was a tedious process that involved the coordination of several fantastic teachers, administrators, parents and students. She was our hub and constant throughout this process and was the perfect representative to discuss our program staples. This ultimately led us to completion and has set us up for subsequent successes. We are proud of her work! - Dr. Bobby Ott, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
I want to commend Mrs. Laura Vaculin (Hector P. Garcia Garcia Elementary School).  She is such a caring teacher. I am so grateful for her and the teaching and love she puts in her class everyday of the week! May she inspire so many more to follow in her ways. - Erika Rangel


I want to commend Mrs. Betty Moreno (Hector P. Garcia Elementary School) for being such a positive and upbeat presence all over campus.  You'll see her in the office, in the classrooms, at the cafeteria and in the halls encouraging every child and person she crosses paths with! What a positive role model and example she is for all of us at Garcia Elementary! - Erika Rangel
I want to commend Nico Curtis for coming to Thornton on a weekly basis and inspiring all of the students and teachers he comes into contact with. Mr. Curtis goes class to class and makes sure he remembers names, faces and situations in the students lives. He is a great role model who deserves all the praise in the world. This man is a parent to all of the students he comes into contact with and someone they can count on to help them with any problem they may face. He truly loves coming to the school and having a great time with teachers and students. Thank you Mr. Curtis for inspiring our youth.


I want to commend Temple Education Foundation and Tiffany Vestal for providing each teacher at Western Hills with a Rockin' Roadrunner Science backpack filled with awesome materials and resources. THANK YOU! - Western Hills Kindergarten Team


Ms. Hernandez goes above and beyond for Western Hills Elementary. She works hard to keep our school squeaky clean from the ceiling tiles to the creases of our door frames! She also strives to know each student and will even stop to tie shoelaces when needed. - Tiffany Vestal, Assistant Principal, Western Hills Elementary School


I want to commend Victor Gonzalez for his true sense of devotion to the students of Temple High School. Victor is the head of security at THS and coordinates a team of security officers to keep our campus safe and running smoothly! He has the respect of students and staff alike with his calm and steady demeanor. He is always willing to lend a hand and help others in need. During our first year of the Chromebook roll-out at THS, Victor asked if he could pay for the insurance coverage for two students whom he knew well. Victor knew that their family was struggling through some difficult times, and he wanted to make sure that boys had what they needed to be successful at school. Victor also ensures that security is covered for extracurricular activities, such as sporting events, and he cheers on our kids the entire time! He is irreplaceable at THS! - Jacki Wright, Temple High School Technology


I want to commend the Technology Department because I am thrilled with the results of Survivor. I have learned so much in a short time about how to utilize the many technology resources out there. It's organized, competitive, and I have found many programs that have helped so much in the classroom. Thank ALL of you for your help, support and encouragement. You've helped us to expand our horizons and get out of our comfort zone, and realize that technology is a great way to reach our kids, and grow as teachers. - Ginger Kleypas, Western Hills Elementary School


I want to commend the Technology Department.  The Technology Department has worked tirelessly to roll out Chromebooks, iPads and much much more. I am so grateful for everything you do. Thank You again and again!!
I also want to commend the Technology Department because I am thrilled with the results of [TISD] Survivor. I have learned so much in a short time about how to utilize the many technology resources out there. It's organized, competitive, and I have found many programs that have helped so much in the classroom. Thank ALL of you for your help, support and encouragement. You've helped us to expand our horizons and get out of our comfort zone, and realize that technology is a great way to reach our kids, and grow as teachers. - Ginger Kleypas, Western Hills Elementary School


I want to commend this heavenly group of administrators [at Lamar Middle School]!!!  They keep us in stitches!!!  The staff enjoys seeing this side of Mr. Madden and we appreciate their thoughtfulness. - Sherry Burnett, Lamar Middle School Librarian  


This shout out is for Jimmy Sharp, with the Temple ISD Maintenance Dept. He did a fantastic job helping me organize my novel book room by creating book shelves!! Thanks for being so pleasant to work with and so helpful! - Sherry Burnett, Lamar Middle School Librarian
Jimmy Sharp Organizes the Shelves at Lamar


I want to commend Lacey Martin. Thornton had a real hard lock down last week. While I was going from room-to-room to release teachers from the lockdown, I came to Ms. Martin's second grade classroom. I opened the door and stumbled into a round table that was rolled there as a barricade. Ms. Martin lunged at me with a frying pan and a pair of scissors. All of her kids had scissors as well. Clearly, no one was going to cause injury to that group of warriors! - Craig Wilson, Thornton Elementary School Principal


Linda Tyson, our librarian at Thornton Elementary School, has been working feverishly over the past couple of years to improve our collections. As of today, we are now considered "Exemplary" with the average age of our collection being 2004. Also, the vast majority of our books are now non-fiction. Way to go, Linda! - Craig Wilson, Thornton Elementary School Principal


I want to commend Angela Ashburn (Western Hills Elementary School) for staying on top of the attendance and encourage students and their families to get to school.  She is kind, caring and will help anyone that is around her out, no matter the situation. She will welcome you with biggest smile and will make you feel welcome.


I want to commend Bob (Gorden) the key guy! (Temple ISD Locksmith) He fixed the doors at Lamar Middle School and they work great! He's always friendly and nice! - Sherry Burnett


I want to commend Ms. Rosa LeRoy (Jefferson Elementary School) for being the most awesome educator and also being an awesome example to her past, current and future students! You ROCK! - Okalanipualahaoleokaaina Book


I want to commend Tedric Lilly (Western Hills Elementary School Student). Tedric's mom was driving through the drive through at CVS the other day and he saw me inside. He got his mom to let him go inside and say hi to me. I taught him years ago in Kindergarten. He will always have a special place in my heart. Love You Tedric! - Ginger Kleypas


I want to commend Courtney Macal (Western Hills Elementary School). Courtney has helped us with the RTI Documentation more than I could have ever imagined. Courtney, you rock and I appreciate your training and ongoing help to make sure we have our ducks in a row! I don't know where I would be without you! - Ginger Kleypas


I want to commend Sharon Goldman (Temple High School). Mrs. Goldman, a THS alumni, has tirelessly served Temple ISD for many years. Not only is she an incredible teacher, her work with the IB program as the coordinator has been exemplary. I have been blessed by Mrs. Goldman in her work with my children and I count it as a privilege to work with her as a colleague. - Luann Hughes


I want to commend Renota Rogers (Temple High School). Renota is an incredible principal. She tirelessly looks for ways to improve student learning. She is truly an invaluable asset to Temple High School. - Luann Hughes


I want to commend Matthew Stratmann (Temple High School).  Matthew is an exemplary teacher whose passion, expertise and caring is a part of his teaching every day. Mr. Stratmann is highly innovative and is always looking for new and better ways to teach. Temple ISD is lucky to have him! - Luann Hughes


We would like to commend Robert Whitehead (Temple ISD Technology Dept.) for his unfailing loyalty, kindness, compassion, generosity, work ethic, and culinary skills. This year his role has expanded into working with our high school students. When he is at THS he helps us manage the TechSpot and assists students who are having difficulties. Our kids are always excited to see him and even drop by on occasion just to see if he is here. He has done a lot to help those in need in our community and should be an inspiration to all! Robert goes above and beyond every day and we appreciate him very much! - Jacki Wright, Jessica Mays, Judy Flores


I want to commend Mr. Billy Madden, Sr., Mrs. Amy Scopac,and the Temple ISD Transportation Department for so kindly assisting the Ralph Wilson Youth Club Staff in preparation to obtain bus licenses.  - Cody Hannon & The Ralph Wilson Youth Club Staff