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Naming Facilities Nomination Form

In accordance with Board Policy CW(LOCAL), the Temple ISD Board of Trustees shall have final authority and responsibility for the naming and renaming of District facilities.

The Board may direct the Superintendent to solicit recommendations of names from staff, students, and the community.

Each nomination shall be submitted to the communications department through this online form, along and must include supporting information detailing the name's importance and any pertinent history that should be considered. Nominations shall be forwarded to the Board policy committee. In a timely manner prescribed by the Board, the committee shall submit to the Board a list of recommended names. The Board shall review and modify the recommendations as the Board deems appropriate.

The committee shall select and submit to the Board one name from the list of recommended names for each campus or facility to be named.


DIRECTIONS:  Please complete all requirements and portions of this form that relate to your nomination.  Only one name is accepted per form submission.

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I have completed this form accurately to the best of my knowledge and I understand that only complete submissions will be considered. I understand that this is only a nomination and does not guarantee selection. The Temple ISD Board of Trustees will have final authority in naming district facilities.*
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