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The Department of Athletics will be recognized as a leader through its commitment to excellence in education and human development, success in athletics, equitable opportunities and serving as a source of school and community pride.


The Department of Athletics provides a competitive, diverse, equitable sports program in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations that creates opportunities for student athletes to:
  • Graduate
  • Develop into ethical, well-rounded, civic-minded individuals
  • Achieve athletic potential
The Department of Athletics also strives to achieve, with character and integrity, a winning tradition that engenders:
  • School pride
  • Positive community relations
  • District prestige
  • Quality sports entertainment 
The values the Department of Athletics embraces to achieve the mission include: honesty, integrity, loyalty, sportsmanship, and responsibility as well as equity and respect for all students and staff regardless of ethnicity and/or gender.
Steve Prentiss, MED, ATC, LAT
Athletic Director
[email protected] 
Claudia Hernandez
Athletic Secretary
[email protected]
RaShonta Leblanc
Asst. Athletic Director
[email protected]

Athletic Office

The Athletics Office is located at 220 North 27th, next to the baseball field.  The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (closed for lunch from 1-2).