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Student Services

Student Services

The goal of the TISD Student Services Department is to see every student successful at their school campus and in the community. The TISD Student Services Department  supports student discipline, counseling services, health services, district policy, safety, and student records. 

Student Attendance

Every day counts! Student success begins with attendance.  

Student Discipline

Pre-K staff use the Conscious Discipline® program. Conscious Discipline is based on the following seven skills: composure, encouragement, assertiveness, choices, empathy, positive intent, and consequences. Teachers in grades 1-12 use the CHAMPs program for discipline management.  Authored by Randy Sprick, Micky Garrison and Lisa Howard, CHAMPs is a proactive and positive classroom management plan that encourages responsible behavior.  To learn more about CHAMPs, click here

Health Services

TISD Health Services supports the well-being and good health of children and adolescents by working with parents, teachers, health professionals and administrators to design and deliver health programs at school.  

School Safety

Safe and secure schools are a priority to the Temple Board of Trustees, Central and Campus Administration, Classroom Teachers and all TISD Support Personnel.  Some of the measures and precautions Temple ISD has in place to ensure safe and secure schools are: 1) a strong partnership with the Temple Police Department and Temple Fire & Rescue, 2) employee name badges, 3) visitor tracking, 4), district and campus crisis management teams, 5) security cameras, and 6) regular emergency preparedness drills.


Standard Response Protocol in English


Standard Response Protocol in Spanish