We all do better when we are encouraged; A Message From Dr. Ott

Temple ISD Staff:

 In January of 2018, I attended the Disney World Marathon. It was my very first and only marathon. I did not participate in the event as a runner, but instead as a roaming spectator supporting a childhood friend. I spent a majority of my time traveling along different markers of the route in order to provide encouragement from the side of the road. I learned a lot during this experience, but at the top of the list was something very simple – we all do better when we are encouraged.    

As I traveled to different markers I noticed people on both sides of the road giving runners water and supporting them. In most cases, people were cheering on runners they didn’t even know. I found myself doing the same. There was something remarkable in seeing so many people root for others solely based on their cause and respect for their hard work. By the middle of the race I noticed the impact the spectators had on the runners. The connection was motivating and personal.

There are many parallels between my marathon experience and my Temple ISD experience. As educators, we are part of a marathon. As a superintendent, I travel along the many different markers of a school district to support and encourage each of you; and as I support your actions, I develop a very personal connection to each of you.

At this point, we are more than halfway through the race. As we enter this stretch I would like to leave you a few thoughts:

  1. Deliberately make time to do something special for yourself and your loved ones. They deserve your selfless spirit. And you deserve your selfless spirit.
  2. While having fun, be safe. We want you back!
  3. Always remember you are cared for and valued in Temple ISD. We are a family and each member is equally important!
March 18th we will return to the race. There are a few more hills left in our journey, but none are bigger than your talents and your cause.
I am blessed to be on your team, and am grateful to each of you.
Your biggest fan,
Bobby Ott