Temple High School Students Help Design New Business in Downtown Temple


Temple High School is offering a new graphic design class this year, and students currently in the class have set the bar high for those who plan on taking the class in the future.

The new graphic design class allows students to use their creativity and apply it to the business world.

The project this semester was designing an entryway at the new shopping center in downtown Temple called "The Hub".

The senior students are excited to be paving the way for those future students who plan on taking this class.

One student, Tavozhane Latouche, said the best part of the project was collaborating with a team.

"So many aspects that you can use in real life, you get to get a real life experience and I can't wait to see the final product," Latouche said.  

 It's a project that allowed the students to execute a real business procedure.

Breana McGill is another senior student who said students who plan to take the class in the future need to put forth their best work.

"Just be open minded and always remember that you are representing the school always execute everything as best as you can," McGill said.

Owner Joe Shepperd said The Hub will be a two story building full of different shops and getting the entryway design created by a professional would typically cost thousands of dollars.

The student project is saving him money and making for a great addition to the community.

"The kids are extremely talented, I never doubted that it would be just fabulous," Shepperd said.

Students had a chance to create blueprints and design a layout before presenting it to developers. It's a process their instructor Seanna Williams said they'll benefit from greatly.

"Being able to execute this program in such an interesting way has been such a fun journey. It has been absolutely incredible to watch them," Williams said.
The students partnered with Woodward creative group and I zone to help put together this project. Also, The Hub is expected to be open in mid November.

Written by Brittney Verner (KXXV)
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