Temple High School Hospitality Students Compete Against the Pros, Win at Kings and Queens of Cuisine

They may still be in high school, but Temple High School Hospitality students competed against the professionals and won (again) at this year’s Kings and Queens of Cuisine event.

The students cooked and presented a flipped Neapolitan Pizza at the fundraising competition on Saturday, October 22 at the Hilton Garden Inn. The dish included mozzarella cheese that they made from scratch using whole milk and roasted garlic, basil and oregano from their THS herb garden, and a spinach chiffonade salad drizzled with balsamic reduction.

The THS Hospitality team competed in the main entrée category, which had the most competition including chefs from local fine dining establishments.

The team of Kelsey Milberger, Tavozhane Letouche, Dustin Honeycutt-Ellis, Eddy Simmons and Kadaron Sledge won a landslide victory.

About the Temple High School team, judges said “these students rocked it” and “the food was top notch”.

Kings of Cuisines is an annual fundraiser that raises money for the Temple College Foundation, and Temple High School Hospitality is proud to compete every year, and help make this important event a success.