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School turns to Harry Potter to prepare for STAAR tests

 - By Kathleen Serie, KWTX News 10

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Scott Elementary School is hoping to make standardized test training more exciting for students by using a Harry Potter theme.

"Because honestly, preparing for the STAAR can be boring, and mundane, and we wanted it to be fun and engaging for our kids,” Scott Elementary Principal Chrystal Thomas said.

Thomas said she hopes the unique approach will boost the school’s test scores higher than previous years.

The school started by splitting kids into the four different houses featured in Harry Potter.

The students then worked together throughout the STARR training to earn points for their team.

It sounds like fun and games, but the method could pay off when kids start the first round of testing at the end of March.

"We have to teach certain content, but the thematic piece came in to help motivate them,” Scott Elementary fifth grade teacher Tatum Giniewicz said.

Students at the school said the Harry Potter theme is making the training more fun.

"Harry Potter's one of my favorite books, so it's much easier just to learn through that,” 5th grade student Andrew Jarrell said.

"It's more fun this year,” fifth grade student Alyssa Olieares said.