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Academics Shine in Temple ISD with 22 Stars of Distinction

Temple ISD continues to reach new heights in academic excellence, and the new Stars of Distinction issued by the Texas Education Agency are yet another indicator.

Overall, Temple ISD schools earned an incredible 22 distinctions, attributed directly to exceptional instruction from Temple teachers, and the knowledge, comprehension and hard work of our students.

Looking at STAAR test scores, a Star of Distinction is awarded to a school that places in the top 25% of its peer group in seven categories: Math, Science, English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Student Progress, Closing the Gap, Post-Secondary Readiness.  

Temple elementary schools earned 12 total Stars of Distinction:

At the secondary level, Temple schools earned 10 Stars of Distinction:

The 22 Stars of Distinction mirror the rise in academic excellence Temple continues to experience across the school district, especially in the areas of Math, Science and Student Progress.  Last year, as a school district, Temple received seven total Stars of Distinction, all at the secondary level.

"Based on the STAAR test results, Temple ISD students are excelling in a number of academic areas," said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, Dr. Bobby Ott.

3rd grade students saw major gains in reading and math.  4th grade students also saw strong math results.  5th grade results in Temple included gains in math, science and reading.

"This is a testament to the incredible academic growth our students are experiencing," Ott said. "That growth is backboned by our dedicated teachers, who continue to excel by adopting new initiatives that connect with more students."

At the secondary level, the trend statewide was for middle schools to struggle, but in Temple middle school students achieved on the test, especially in science and math.  Math scores also increased at Temple High School, and students again did well in science earning the Star of Distinction.

"Of course, the STAAR test is just one indicator of the academic achievements in Temple schools.  The real progress, and where parents and the community can have confidence and pride in a Temple education, comes with the student achievement happening in our classrooms, led by passionate, dedicated teachers, staff and administrators," said Superintendent Dr. Robin Battershell.  "Temple ISD also believes strongly in a well-rounded education, and that is why Temple remains renowned nationally for fine arts and athletics, along with the advanced academic programs.  Temple teachers, administrators and staff go above and beyond providing new and innovative opportunities for students, and in many cases Temple is the only school district in our region offering these academic opportunities."

This is a very exciting time to be a part of Temple ISD, and that’s why no matter where you go in the school district or around the city, you can’t help but feel that Wildcat pride.