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Putting the STAAR Test in perspective; A message from Dr. Ott


Per the state’s assessment program, the next two days will offer a test to every campus in the district. This assessment will measure the sum total of a child’s ability, teacher’s skill and a parent’s academic involvement.  Further, these results will manifest into a letter grade assigned to schools. According to the state, these assigned ratings will tell the story of our schools, children, staff and families.

This is a short-sided narrative by an unqualified author - improbable at best.

The real story resides in the fact that these conditions, left untreated, create an environment where schools are a place to endure versus a place to learn.

However, this is not the case nor the reality in Temple ISD.

In the last six years, I have walked into every classroom, every unstructured area and every office on every campus. I have laid eyes on all staff and most likely all students.

And I have a different story.

In TISD, our teachers know that chance and result favor the prepared mind. They know the value of meeting students where they are and moving them to a place that stretches their minds. They know how to meet the needs of our children - emotionally, socially and behaviorally.

And by the way, they also know how to teach, exceptionally well.

Our campus administrators know things too.  They know that it isn’t the size of the challenge, but the size of the leader that matters. They know to remain calm in these situations, insulate our teachers and minimize their stresses. They look forward to these days because it provides them an opportunity to wrap their schools in confidence and their students in believability.

And by the way, they also know how to lead, exceptionally well.

Our parents also know things. They know a parent’s love cannot be measured through a test. They know the value of education is beyond a scoring calculation. 

And by the way, they love their children, exceptionally well.

With these things in mind, we will continue writing our story - a story full of the greatest teachers, leaders, parents and students a community could ever ask for.

I appreciate each of you and wish you the very best!

Bobby Ott, Ed.D.
Temple ISD