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Dispatch Information

Who Can Ride the Bus?

  • Special needs children when required by the ARD as a related service. These children may ride a regular bus or if required, a bus with an attendant.

  • Children who reside one or more miles from their school of assignment.

  • Children who reside in a hazardous area due to local traffic or street conditions that may put them at risk of injury if they were to walk to school.  Examples are four-lane streets or major traffic arteries (not residential with no traffic controls, or no crossing guards in the case of elementary students; railroad tracks, etc.).

  • Students in the Bilingual Programs who live one or more miles from their school of assignment.

  • Parents of eligible students (one or more miles from school) may choose to have their child picked up or dropped off at a licensed childcare facility as long as the facility location is within the boundary of your neighborhood school.