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Dispatch Information

Who Can Ride the Bus?

  • Special needs children when required by the ARD as a related service. These children may ride a regular bus or, if required, a bus with an attendant.
  • Children who reside one or more miles from their school of assignment.
  • Children who reside in a hazardous area due to local traffic or street
  • conditions that would put them at risk of injury if they were to walk to school. EXAMPLES are four lane streets or major traffic arteries (not residential with no traffic controls, or no crossing guards in the case of elementary students; railroad tracks, etc.).
  • Students in the Bilingual or Advanced Academic Programs who live one or more miles from their school of assignment.
  • Parents of eligible students (one or more miles from school) may choose to have their child picked up or dropped off at a licensed childcare facility as long as the facility location is within the boundary of your neighborhood school.

What Happens When My Child Gets on the Wrong Bus?

Beginning the first day of classes, Temple ISD Transportation operates a Misrouted Student Center at the Transportation Department  The purpose of the Center is to provide a safe and central location for students who are still on the bus at the end of their route or were mistakenly placed on the wrong route.

Students discovered to be misrouted will be reported by drivers through transportation dispatch to the Center. The student will remain on the bus through the end of the middle school route, and then they will then be taken to the Misrouted Student Center. Once the Center is notified of a misrouted student, school representatives and parents will be notified and alternate transportation arranged. TISD School Nutrition will provide refreshments for students while they wait.

To ensure the safe handling of misrouted students, representatives from each campus will be located at the Center to receive the students. Parents and guardians will be asked to provide proof of identification before students will be released to them.

Parents are encouraged to call their neighborhood school if they believe their student has been misrouted.