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Shout Outs!

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Shout Outs!

Tammie Frenzel (Temple ISD HR) is such an amazing person to be around. She always find a way to get things done — and done well! I really enjoy working with her; she plays a crucial role in our company’s success. - Angelica Martinez, Temple ISD Receptionist
Wendy Logue (Kennedy-Powell Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher) is an exceptional teacher and we are very happy and impressed that she provided the great learning, values, discipline and responsibility to my daughter Aanya in kindergarten. As my daughter used to play with me as Teacher/Student at home, where she plays as Teacher, I came to know how well she manages the children and imparts learning though there are all different types of students to manage and it's very challenging. Also she guided well and spoke to other teachers regarding the learning opportunity for my daughter. We are very happy that Wendy Logue was the teacher of my daughter. Thank you so much for all the hard work and energy you put into your job. Also I am very impressed by all the talented teaching staff of Kennedy-Powell.
- Vineeta Mangal, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School Parent
We want to commend Laura Lopez, 4th grade writing teacher at Kennedy-Powell Elementary School.  The day before the writing STAAR exam for 4th graders, Ms. Lopez sent home a personal note with each of her students. The notes reminded them of their strengths, complimented them on their hard work, and encouraged them to do their best. It must have taken a huge amount of time to write these letters, but I can't imagine a better way for a teacher to show a student their support. Thank you, Ms. Lopez, for going the extra mile to give your students the very best chance of success! - The Myers Family
I want to commend Mrs. Betsy Jermstad (Kennedy-Powell Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher) for being a great teacher dedicated to her students. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to start off my daughter's elementary school experience. She is truly a wonderful teacher whom my daughter loves and surely will miss.
- Christina A. Smith, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School Parent
A shout out to Yara Thomas (ACE Site Coordinator, Hector P. Garcia Elementary School)! She is an exceptional ACE site director! She does her job with pride and is supportive of Garcia staff, her staff and the children she serves. She goes above and beyond for all the students and for the staff. She wants the students to succeed both academically and socially. She has a heart of gold! Throughout the school day she is organizing and preparing the curriculum for her staff that correlates with our TEKS, she is coordinating assistance for our families which includes food bank, home visits if needed, and support to the families including finding resources. She lends a hand where help is needed. She helps motivate the students to do their best at all times whether it's to do with behavior, attendance or academics. She is passionate about her job and takes it seriously. She works well with the community and is well-respected by all. We are blessed to have her at HPG!
Every single day Ms. Jane Carlisle (Raye-Allen Elementary School Kindergarten teacher) comes into the cafeteria with a smile on her face! She is such a blessing that comes to Raye-Allen everyday to serve our kiddos! She always lends a helping hand to the kids and always motivates them to be the best they can be! She goes above and beyond to interact with us (cafeteria staff) everyday to bring a closer relationship between the "cafeteria ladies" and the kids! Some of her kindergarten kids have even started to call us by first names instead of "cafeteria lady!" Her enthusiasm and dedication to serving the kids of Raye-Allen is over all amazing! Thank you Ms. Carlisle for just being you!
-Raye-Allen Elementary School Cafeteria Staff
Mr. Brian Durham, Global Perspectives teacher at Temple High School, has a talent for teaching. He engages his students, varies his lessons, and is constantly evolving to improve his effectiveness. Students appreciate him because he sets high yet clear expectations, treats them fairly, models mutual respect, and is conscious of their workload. Most of all, his students know that he cares about them as people, and that makes all the difference to them. Mr. Durham is a treasure to our district, and to his profession! - The Myers Family
I want to commend Amanda Delle Donne (5th grade teacher, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School).  She is an amazing teacher and mentor! I am brand new to Temple ISD and a 2nd year teacher. As soon as I was hired she reached out to me, even before school started, to build that relationship and it made me feel so welcomed. She helped me from the start and has always been there. We are always talking about upcoming lessons and activities. She is an amazing support system and teacher to help me to become a great teacher. She wears many hats at our school but is always there for me! I am very blessed to have her as a mentor and share the 5th grade ELAR and Social Studies teacher at Kennedy-Powell!
- Erin Morris, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School teacher
I want to commend Erin Morris (5th grade teacher, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School) for being an awesome teacher.
I would like to commend Linda Hernandez (Benefits/Records Specialist - Benefits Department). Linda is ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile and selflessly offer her assistance no matter the task and always with a smile! She has an excellent working rapport with her peers, and she always handles employee situations with sensitivity, compassion, and professionalism. She is very much an asset to the benefits department and we are very, VERY lucky to have her as part of our HR team! - Amy Hayes, Director of Benefits
I want to commend the Temple ISD School Nutrition team. They always have great ideas when I aske about sack lunches after field trips! Suzanne (Murdough, Temple ISD Director of School Nutrition) was so quick to respond and have a great idea! - Lynne Brock, Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy Principal
I want to commend Sergeant Forest Henderson (JROTC Instructor, Temple High School). He is always bringing a smile to us (students). He is very kind. He always knows how to make someone laugh and he is like a father to me. He helps lead us through the day and inspires many students, like me. He is a great person and I'm glad to be in his class. - Kasha Shannon, Temple High School student
I want to commend Betty Moreno (Assistant Principal, Garcia Elementary School). She is truly a wonderful person inside and out. She is constantly doing something but when it comes to helping a child she stops whatever it is that she is doing and goes. She goes above and beyond for these children.
Kennedy Powell is so incredibly blessed to have Joni Merrell in the front office. She works around the clock to make sure that all teachers have everything they need, including an end of day candy pick me up. She is a fabulous communicator and keeps us informed on what is happening at school and around the district.
Thank you Joni for loving our staff and students well!
-Ellie Brown, Kennedy-Powell First Grade Teacher
I'd like to commend Temple High School Theatre Arts Director Natasha Tolleson. Natasha has managed to build a theatrical empire in Temple ISD over the last 20 plus years. This is a program rooted in traditions that span from former students writing letters to current students to annual alumni Christmas celebrations. She continues to find ways to connect past successes to present participation - a strategy that prohibits the standard of excellence from ever compromising. At times, the jewels we become accustomed to can be overlooked due to consistent performance and expected good work. This is an opportunity to appreciate one of those timeless Temple ISD jewels --- Natasha Tolleson. Proud of what you do for our students!
- Dr. Bobby Ott, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
I want to commend Lisa Adams (Executive Director of Secondary Education).  Mrs. Adams volunteers two Friday mornings a month at Thornton Elementary. She is a Rock Star addition to our Thornton Safety Patrol. We appreciate you Lisa! - Gwen James, Thornton Elementary School Assistant Principal.
Gina Hamilton (Temple ISD Transportation) is amazing. She goes above and beyond the duties of a bus driver. She was our driver for the Western Hills Elementary School kindergarten field trip to the Robinson Family Farms Pumpkin Patch. I have a special needs student in my class that can't get around as easy as the other kids. Mrs. Hamilton did not sit on the bus and wait for us to get done. No, she walked the whole farm with us and helped my sweet student climb, play, and explore. I could not have handled the task of 20 kids while giving this student the extra help she deserved without the help of Mrs. Hamilton. I appreciate her help so much! - Stacy Ferree, Western Hills Elementary School

I want to commend Trevon Ward (Temple High School Senior) and Marialena Office-Siokou (Temple High School Junior) from Wildcat T.I.M.E. for partnering with our Thornton Safety Patrol. - Gwen James, Thornton Elementary School Assistant Principal

I want to give a super special shout out to Ms. Bernie Sanders (Scott Elementary School)!!!  Wow!!  She came in and used up her own personal documentation time to help my special friends in a small group.  She saw the need for me to be able to walk around and monitor the groups and their work, so she volunteered her transitional time to help.  It was BEYOND appreciated and freed me up to make corrections with my other 6 groups.. PHEW!!  God send today!!! - Sabrina Dutkanicz, Scott Elementary School Teacher

I want to commend Blanca Howells (Counselor, Hector P. Garcia Elementary School) for being so awesome and helping my son last school year and this year.  She's always there for him.  He's loves Mrs. Howells. - Denise
I'd like to submit Melissa Alverson (Scott Elementary School) for a Temple ISD shout out. I had a terrific conversation with her last week about our second grader. She was helpful, funny, and very, very sweet about our daughter. I was excited when we learned that she would be our daughter's teacher. We know she's very knowledgeable, and we are excited to see how our daughter will progress with her leadership this year. When I asked a question by email today, within moments, Ms. Alverson called me on the phone to talk through all my questions. She was unhurried, taking the time to explain everything so I could frame it in perspective, and was very encouraging about the work our daughter is already doing. Miss Alverson is a tremendous asset to Scott Elementary, and Temple ISD.  -Regina Corley, Parent

I want to commend the Temple ISD Maintenance Crew.  This week a maintenance crew came to work on playgrounds at Kennedy-Powell Elementary School spreading out pebbles. They were wonderful working around the kiddos making sure they were safe. I spoke to them about an area where a lot of pebbles had come off the playground and were on the sidewalk making the sidewalk very slick for little ones. They volunteered to clean up the area, moving the pebbles and making it safe for our kids.  -Betsy Jermstad, Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

I want to commend Jan LeKander (Temple High School).  Mr. LeKander always takes the initiative to help whenever needed. I really appreciated how he helped set up tables for colleges and clubs for the Temple High School Open House.

I want to commend Tiffani Smith (Bonham Middle School).  Ms. Smith is an absolute rock star on our campus. Her relationship with her students is a demonstration of mutual respect and a dedication to hard work! Her students respond well and her peers love her! Not a day goes by that she fails to make an impression on each of us. She makes U.S. History come to life; it is no wonder her scores reflect her efforts. She is a team player and usually one of the first ones on hallway duty singing "to the right, to the right." Even the students have picked up on the song and sing it to each other in the other hallways.
I want to commend the Temple High School Nurses, Sherry Alblinger and Dixie Beggs, for taking the time on a Saturday to come to the field house training room and do a brief overview on diabetes for our Temple Athletic Training Students. It was very informative information for our students to use in the school or at home. Being a part of a medical team and being involved in medical emergencies is challenging; every piece of information and knowledge is very valuable. We are blessed that these two nurses value our students and their involvement with our Temple Athletes. - Windee Skrabanek, Temple High School Athletic Trainer
We want to commend Betty Weddle (Temple ISD Technology Department).  Betty has done an outstanding job working days, nights, and weekends to get our technology up and going at Thornton Elementary School. We appreciate the time and effort she has exhausted to help teachers get the tools they need to be successful. We love you, Betty Weddle! Thank you for everything you do for our campus! - Thornton Elementary School Administrative Team
I want to commend the Hector P. Garcia Elementary School Kindergarten team of Claudia Medrano, Angie Cruz, Lindsey Jones and Angela Morales for being awesome. They always have a smile and a positive attitude!!
I want to commend Isabel Enriquez (Spanish Teacher, Temple High School).  Isabel has been with Temple ISD for many years. The cool thing about Isabel is she received her teaching certificate as an adult going back to school. She raised a family, was a hairstylist and even was the receptionist for the Temple High School Counseling Department back in 1998. She began her school career going to night classes and even traveling to Mexico for the summer to come back as a Bonham Middle School Spanish teacher. After many years of being at Bonham she has finally returned to where it all began. Congratulations Isabel, Temple High School missed you.

I want to commend Megan Pendergraft (ELA/Reading Teacher, Lamar Middle School).  This is Megan's first year teaching. She has wanted to be a teacher for many years. This summer she set her mind to finally putting her career goal into motion. I saw her first hand studying and balancing a job that was going nowhere. She finally succeeded and in the limited time she had she reached her goal and became Ms. Megan Pendergraft, Teacher for Temple ISD. She is very talented and a true example on how hard work, perseverance and dreams do come true.
I'd like to commend Samantha Patterson (Kennedy-Powell 5th Grade Math/Science Teacher) for her patience, enthusiasm, and knowledge of 5th grade happenings. I am a new teacher to Temple and she has gone above-and-beyond to help prepare me for the school year. She is open to suggestions and accepting of my new, yet limited ideas. Her patience for each student is evident in her many hours of preparation as well as organization of her classroom. Speaking of her classroom, it is adorable. Samantha claims to being a "Work Horse" and makes me want to be a better teacher! - Michelle Hall