Bilingual / ESL Education


Temple ISD uses a Bilingual Program model that serves students identified as English Learners (ELs) in both English and Spanish. Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy serves ELs in full day PK classes. Héctor P. Garcia and Thornton Elementary offer bilingual services from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  Students are supported as they receive native language instruction for concept development while acquiring English. English instruction increases until the student is eligible to make the transition into all English. Upon meeting program exit requirements, students are mainstreamed into the all English curriculum while monitored for academic success. TISD B/ESL Program Design supports teachers and students with curriculum and materials to professional development to ensure that all learners are successful. 

  • A bilingual program that serves students identified as students of limited English proficiency in both English and Spanish and transfers a student to English-only instruction.
  • Academic growth is accelerated through cognitively challenging academic work in the students’ first language along with meaningful academic content taught through the students’ second language, English.
  • The goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement and full academic language proficiency in the students’ first language and English.
  • Students enrolled in the transitional bilingual/late exit program are eligible to exit the program not earlier than six or later than seven years after the students enroll in school


Bilingual Campuses

  • Meridith -Dunbar Early Childhood Academy (PK)
  • Thornton Elementary (Grades K-5)
  • Hector P. Garcia Dual Language Academy (Grades K-5) 

Temple ISD's English as a Second Language Program:

English language learners are offered services through the district's English as a Second Language program. Students are taught English through sheltered instruction strategies while learning core content at their home campus. Newcomers are offered instruction at Bonham Middle School and Temple High School.

Connie Sisneros
Bilingual/ESL Director
Mayra Edghill
Bilingual/ESL Coordinator
Tonya Eubanks
Sandra Vargas
EL Records Specialist