Elementary Education

Temple ISD's elementary PreK-5 program provides a well-balanced education focusing on the foundation curriculum of English language arts & reading, mathematics, science and social studies along with an enriched curriculum that includes fine arts, physical education, health and technology.

Through curriculum, instruction, and professional staff development for teachers, this department strives to enhance students' academic experience and promote life-long learning for all students in TISD.

Our Campuses

All nine TISD elementary campuses have a guaranteed and viable curriculum (TEKS Resource System) that ensures instruction is aligned with the depth and complexity of the state standards (TEKS). The elementary department supports clear expectations, structured collaboration, and response to the needs of our learners. 


Our elementary campuses include an early childhood center and eight elementary schools designed to fit the interests and needs of our students. 

Grading Guidelines 2023-2024
Sara Watson
Executive Director of Elementary Education
Kashana Hollie Administrative Assistant