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Superintendent's Leadership Award

This special awards recognizes those who go above and beyond expectations to serve a cause greater than themselves.  Recipients are selected by the Superintendent for their vision to raise expectations and set the standard for what it means to serve others.
The Superintendent's Leadership award has been presented to the following honorees:

It has been eight months since we welcomed students and staff back into our buildings mid-pandemic.  During this time, Temple ISD has not had to close a single campus or facility due to COVID spread inside our walls.  This can and should be largely credited to Amy Hayes, Director of Wellness and Benefits, Kim Glawe, Director of Health Services, and our school nurses.


Amy and Kim have been at the helm of case reporting and monitoring and have worked with Senior Leadership Team and outside agencies like the Bell County Health District and Baylor Scott and White Health

throughout the pandemic.  They have worked around the clock and through weekends and holidays without hesitation or reservation.


Our nurses have served in a very similar capacity at each of their campuses as they were designated as the COVID-19 contact on their respective campuses who have supported staff, students and families with questions and concerns—easing their fears every step along the way.  They have volunteered to help administer vaccines across the county and to assist in medical facilities that were inundated with patients early on in this pandemic.


Perhaps the best example to illustrate the commitment of this collective group standing before us is the vaccine clinic they organized and executed in less than 24 hours during the severe winter storm resulting in the vaccination of 300+ Temple ISD staff members. 


These ladies know no bounds and deserve more thanks than we could even begin to muster. 

Jalyah Collins was surprised on the course with the Superintendent’s Leadership award for breaking barriers. She is the first African-American female golfer to ever advance to Regionals in the 6A classification, and has only been playing golf for two yrs. We are so proud of you for making history in Temple, TX, Jalyah!

February 12 – 19, 2021 has been dubbed by some as “Snowmagedon”, “SNOVID”, “Snowpocalypse” and many other names that attempt to describe that fateful week.  Extended power outages coupled with unprecedented temperatures, snow and ice created a situation that made homes unlivable for some in our community.  The opening of warming shelters across our area provided much hope but with the roadways undriveable how would people get there?


Sacrificing their own safety, that is when these individuals literally came to the rescue.  Working with the City, our transportation department picked up people in need across the city and brought them to warming centers where they could safely wait out the winter storm. 


From the elderly to the medically fragile to some furry friends and everyone in between, these men and women provided hope for the hopeless in their most desperate hour.  And if you know these individuals you know that they even provided some much needed cheer, compassion and kindness along the way.

Planning for the needs of our staff and students during a pandemic is not easy. However, we are fortunate to have experts in our community like Dr. Smith and Dr. Chadwell of the Bell County Health Department whose leadership roles have been critical the last nine months


Dr. Smith and Dr. Chadwell have been constant sources of knowledge and insight since March.  They have given countless hours to review district protocols and procedures providing feedback and suggestions for how we can best implement health and safety measures and have truly partnered with the district every step of the way.


Since this summer they have met with Temple ISD, and all Bell County school districts, on a weekly call with superintendents to provide advisement and guidance on specific situations. Early in the morning or late in the evenings, they are always responsive to our needs and questions because they know how critical it is to mitigate the spread while providing educational continuity.


Their acts of service above self is what defines true leadership.


Planning for the needs of our students is innate to what we do as educators.  However, planning in the middle of a pandemic is not something that we have experience with.  However, we are fortunate to have experts in our community that do have this expertise like Dr. Midturi an infectious disease specialist at Baylor Scott & White. 
Early on in this pandemic Dr. Midturi offer his assistance and support in our planning efforts especially with graduation.  He has been an incredible source of knowledge and insight as we have navigated our new normal.  Dr. Miduri has given countless hours to review district protocols and procedures providing feedback and suggestions for how we can best implement health and safety measures.
When the district announced on March 13, that we would be extending Spring Break due to concerns over COVID-19, one of the first phone calls we received was from Jacob Bates who owns Bird Creek Burger Co. with his wife Carleigh.
Jacob wanted to know what he could do to support the district during this time. He knew that we were planning to start providing student meals that Monday so he offered to support the school nutrition staff who were going above and beyond to make sure our kids were being fed. That next week, Jacob and Bird Creek Burger Co. provided free meals to the Temple ISD school nutrition and custodial staff.
We are proud to honor the Salons at Tuscan for their efforts to support our homeless students in Temple ISD.
For the last two years, Rosa Jenkins, Holly Hussey, Victoria Tovar, and Krystal Dawson, have organized an Angle Tree campaign at their salon which allowed their clients to sponsor a TISD student in need with a Christmas gift.  As a result, 146 TISD students’ Christmases were made a little brighter!
Many of us hear of a need and are inspired to make a difference but taking the initiative to take that next step and do something about it is what sets these ladies apart.
Rosa, Holly, Victoria, and Krystal—thank you for turning your heart into action and caring for our children in the most selfless of ways! 
Pastor Harrison retired from Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church and quickly found a new ministry and passion masked behind the role of “Crossing Guard” 27 years ago.

For nearly 3 decades, Pastor Harrison has been welcoming students, families and staff on their way to and from school. He has uttered countless words of blessing and encouragement; and he has showered the campus — his mission field –with abundant prayer.
If you were to look up the definition of “servant leadership”, don’t be surprised if you see a picture of this couple as they exemplify the very definition.  Volunteering their time, talents, and resources to help others is something that is part of who they are and is central to their core beliefs.  From Rebecca’s work with our East side Boy Scout troops, serving on the TEF board, organizing Project Graduation or Danny’s bringing  Stop the Bleed training  to THS, providing  free athletic physicals, mentoring of our students who want to pursue the medical field, their selflessness has no bounds. 
Madeleine Ruth Norman is a senior at Temple High School. In the last couple of years, she has become affiliated with the Dressember Foundation which advocates to put an end to human trafficking. The annual Dressember campaign is a 31 day style challenge where people pledge to wear a dress or tie every day in the month of December as a conversation starter to bring awareness to the human trafficking epidemic in our country.
Last year Madeleine participated in the Dressember campaign and set a goal to raise $5000 for the Foundation. She organized a kick-off event and quickly surpassed her initial goal. This year, Madeleine saw an opportunity to bring even greater awareness to the cause she has so passionately pursued. She initiated a meeting with campus and district administrators to share about her Dressember campaign and to brainstorm ways that the message could be shared with a larger audience. Madeleine made a presentation to the entire Temple High School staff about human trafficking and the Dressember campaign. She also presented to each of the Middle School staffs. In addition, she collaborated with the THS student council to promote December 5th as a school and district-wide day to participate in the Dressember campaign.

Her passion for and commitment to this cause is extraordinary.
Steve Prentiss.   Steve has served our district as the Assistant Athletic Director for 12 years.  That job description in and of itself is one that requires long hours and countless tasks.  However, it’s the million little things that Steve does above the expectations of the job title that set him apart and makes him truly worthy of this recognition this evening.
From setting up the ropes for Century Club parking after the JV games on Thursday nights to opening and closing our athletic facilities at the high school for events to coordinating training for our Physical Education teachers, Steve is constantly on the move ensuring that no detail gets overlooked.  He gives 100% each and every day to support “all things Wildcat,” never expecting anything in return.
Mr. Carl Pleasant who serves our students as the principal of Wheatley Alternative Education Center.   The challenges of Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs or DAEP campuses are very different than those of traditional campuses but there are very few opportunities for collaboration between DAEP campuses. Mr. Pleasant saw this need to bring DAEPs together as an opportunity. 
On August 6, TISD hosted the very first regional DAEP conference that brought together administrators and teachers from five area school districts.  The conference designed by Mr. Pleasant provided these specialized campuses to collaborate, network, and learn from each other on how to best support students.  The conference was hugely successful and there are already preliminary plans for future DAEP conferences.