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Facility Rental

Facility Rental

Temple ISD Rental Policy:


The Temple Independent School District allows limited use of District facilities by outside organizations/groups. However, such use of District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with the educational program of any scheduled campus or District activities, including facility maintenance and/or repair projects. 


All requests must be submitted in writing with contact information, dates and area(s) requested on the Facility Rental Application.  All requests will be considered according to these guidelines.  The administration reserves the right to deviate when necessary to achieve the overall purpose of the guidelines. 


District facilities include, but are not limited to, campuses, real property, athletic facilities, and the Temple High School Auditorium. 


Application should be submitted to the Central Administration office located at 401 Santa Fe Way,  Temple, TX.


If you have questions please contact: Tammie Frenzel, Administrative Assistant - 254-215-6769.