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Technical Support

If you need support for issues related to internet, phone, computer hardware, installation of software, etc., please submit a Help Desk request HERE. The ticket will be assigned to a member of our Information Technology staff so that they can assist you as soon as possible.


Field Technicians

The Technology Department has field technicians dedicated to supporting campuses. These technicians provide the first level of support for hardware, software, projectors, document cameras, and phones. Some network technicians also provide field support to certain locations.
Campus Assignments
Bonham Middle School: Judy Flores
Cater Elementary: Betty Weddle
Edwards Academy: Mark Flores
Garcia Elementary: Mark Flores
Jefferson Elementary: Mark Flores
Kennedy-Powell Elementary: Mark Flores
Lamar Middle School: Judy Flores
Meridith-Dunbar Elementary: Betty Weddle
Raye-Allen Elementary: Mark Flores
Scott Elementary: Betty Weddle
Temple High School: Jon Justis
Thornton Elementary: Betty Weddle
Travis Middle School: Judy Flores
Western Hills Elementary: Betty Weddle
Wheatley Alternative Education: Judy Flores