THS Chromebook Program

THS Chromebook Initiative

The THS Chromebook Initiative would not have been possible without the support of the citizens of Temple.  Thanks to the passing of the Tax Ratification Election, all incoming ninth grade students will receive a Chromebook that they will use throughout their time at Temple High School. If the students graduate from Temple High School, they can then take that device with them to the workplace or higher education.

Thanks, Temple, for supporting your children!


The Temple High School Technology Department will hold three Chromebook informational meetings for the parents of incoming freshman.
These are informational meetings designed for parents of incoming freshman! The meeting is not mandatory; however, upon completion of the meeting, your freshman will receive his/her Chromebook that evening!


Student and Parent Requirements

  1. Parents and students must agree to TISD’s acceptable use policy (see student handbook).

  2. Parents and Students must agree to the Chromebook Use Agreement.