Wildcat Mentors » FAQs


How often do I need to visit my Mentee?
Mentors need to remain constant and consistent in meeting with the Mentee
(at least visit 2/per month) for the academic school year. 
What happens if my Mentee moves?
If a student moves within the district, you can follow them to their new campus. 
What happens if I have to be gone?
We all take trips.  If you know you are going to be gone for an extended period, let your mentee know.  Tell them when you expect to return. Additionally, please let your Board Liaison and Counselor know.
What if I have a concern about my Mentee's behavior or safety?
Inform your campus counselor or administrator. 
Where do we meet at school?
When meeting with a Mentee, Mentors should never be in a classroom, office,
bathroom, or any room alone with the door closed. Please remain in an open
area at the assigned campus.
What if my Mentee asks me for gifts or money?
Tell them that the Mentor program does not allow that, and the best gift you have to give is your time.