Why do students need Chromebooks?

We are preparing students for tomorrow’s workforce. They are learning skills that will help them get higher paying jobs when they graduate. Additionally, the students are becoming organized and are able to better keep up with their school work. Also, students have most of their textbooks online. Students are able to access resources online that they wouldn’t be able to have if there were no devices.

When will my student get his/her Chromebook?

Students may pay for their Chromebooks before or after school at the TechSpot.  After the payment is received, the Chromebook will be set up and the student will be notified when it is ready for pickup at the TechSpot. 
Can my student keep their Chromebook over the summer (current THS students only)?
If you pay your next year's coverage fee before the middle of May , your student can keep his/her Chromebook over the summer.
Will my child need his/her Chromebook for summer school?
Yes.  In addition, you will need to pay for next year's usage fee prior to the start of summer school.