Past Events

As we wrap up October, #farmfreshmonth and #nationalschoollunchweek here is a quick recap! #texasagriculturematters #farmfreshtexas 
Miranda Rhodes, Angie Morris, Ian Vestal, and Chef Wildcat helped celebrate our first week of the Farm Fresh Challenge. They stopped in at Meridith Dunbar Elementary to visit with the students during lunch. Students had the opportunity to try roasted sweet potato chunks! Some of them let us know they eat sweet potatoes at home! Some let us know they had never had a sweet potato! Some loved them! Some, did not - but they tried it! 
#FarmFreshTexas #FarmFreshChallenge #TexasAgricultureMatters
We are participating in the Farm Fresh Challenge so kids can learn about where their food comes from and our local farmers and ranchers have new customers close to home. Join us!
#FarmFreshTexas #FarmFreshChallenge #TexasAgricultureMatters
Farm Fresh Month is here! Every Wednesday in the month of October all of our kitchens will be serving up different sweet potato recipes! The sweet potatoes will be locally sourced from Fruitful Hill Farm.
#farmfreshchallenge #farmfreshtexas #texasagriculturematters
A huge Thank You to Dairy Max and our local farmers for providing Pizza Hut Pizza to our Nutrition Staff. They have been hard at work serving our community's students all summer long!
Serving During Covid - 19
Celebrating our Heroes!!!

National School Lunch Hero Day

Wildcat Breakfast to help celebrate National School Breakfast Week
School Nutrition and Temple Association of School Nutrition volunteered at the TISD Color Run! We had a blast for sure!
The School Nutrition Admin Office got together and made earrings for all of our ladies as a Thank You for all of their hard work!!!
Ms. Guadalupe Duran has been with TISD for four years. Ms. Duran is an asset to the Hector P. Garcia team. She is a hard worker and always reliable. Ms. Duran is well known for willingness to help with a positive attitude and reliability. Ms. Duran is definitely a MVE (Most Valuable Employee)!
Ms. Baker has been with TISD since 1996. She started her career at Dickson. She has served at Dickson, Bonham, Thornton, and Meridith Campuses. The Majority of her Career has been spent at Meridith putting smiles on students faces. Ms. Baker performed the Meat Cook Position. She is most Definitely an MVE (Most Valuable Employee) when it comes to serving the Pre K students at Meridith-Dunbar.
Jefferson Elementary hosted their annual Holiday Meal with the help from some amazing volunteers!
Thank you to everyone who helped and attended!
This week we are sampling Kale Smoothies at some of the elementary schools!!!
8 oz apple juice
1/4 c plain Greek yogurt
2 c kale
1 c pineapple
1 banana
- blend and enjoy!
Kale Smoothie

Temple ISD School Nutrition participated in Farm 2 School with kale smoothies! It was fun seeing the students try something new! 

Breakfast at Temple High School
Fruits, Fruits, Fruits!!!
Our campuses serve multiple choices of fruit for our students everyday!
From banana's to mixed fruit cups!
Farm to Table
Our students have been enjoying locally grown produce this week.
Our very own Miranda Rhodes spent some time at Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy teaching the students how to make eggplant fries!!! The classes learned how to pick their produce from the garden, clean it, prepare it, and their favorite - eat it! And at the end, we all cleaned up our messes and talked about how we liked the recipe. 
Check out our Farm Fresh Initiative
that was put together by Region 12
#texasfarmfresh #farmfreshschools #tisdfarmfresh

Check out our Nutrition Department

getting ready for the 2019-2020 School Year!!!

Cookout Time!
Every year we have fun doing cookouts for our little ones.

A great campus wide thank you goes out to our Nutrition ladies for preparing us such an amazing Thanksgiving Lunch. We all appreciate your hard work each day to take care of our staff and students. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your caring attitudes and hard work each and every day. 


Travis Science Academy Staff and Students

Celebrating National School Lunch Week  2021- 2022
Temple ISD School Nutrition was recognized by TDA for their Farm Fresh Initiative. Way to go Team!
Thank you to our amazing Maintenance Department for getting the serving line moved into Wheatley!
Bonham Middle School is having a door decorating contest! Good Luck Ladies! You did a GREAT job!
Our little's showing love for their "lunch ladies" at Kennedy Powell
Meridith Dunbar is in the Fall spirit!!!
Jefferson Elementary School Nutrition Staff showing their patriotism!
Jefferson Elementary School Nutrition Staff
Jefferson Freedom Day
Our Kennedy Powell Ladies being Fabulous
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.