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Food Allergy Guidelines


Guidelines for Identification and Documentation of Students with Severe Food Allergy

“Severe food allergy” means a dangerous or life-threatening reaction of the human body to a food-borne allergen introduced by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact that requires immediate medical attention

As part of the enrollment process, all students enrolling into TISD will require a Parent Declaration of Severe Allergy form to be completed by the parent/legal guardian.

The Registrar Will:
• Provide a Parent Declaration of Severe Allergy form at time of enrollment to the parent/legal guardian for completion. A form must be completed even if the student does NOT have a severe food allergy.
• If there is NO food allergy identified, the completed form will be placed in the student’s permanent folder
• Parents/legal guardians identifying a severe food allergy on the Parent Declaration of Severe Allergy form will be issued a Food Allergy Action Plan. The corresponding box at the bottom of the Declaration form will be marked to reflect the delivery of the Food Allergy Action Plan and a copy will be issued to the campus nurse for follow up.

Parents/Legal Guardians:
• The Food Allergy Action Plan form provided must be completed by the student's physician/health care provider and signed by the parent.
• Students reported to have a severe food allergy will be required to present documentation from a physician/health care provider regarding the type of food allergy and plan of care for the identified student.
• Completed forms and any physician/health care provider orders must be brought to the School Nurse to be reviewed.
The School Nurse Will:
• Review all completed Food Allergy Action Plan forms and physician’s orders
• Communicate with the parent, student, administrators, and educators regarding the individual student’s food allergy and plan of action.
• Place a Health Conditions entry into SKYWARD indicating a severe food allergy
• Place a “critical alert” indicator on SKYWARD identifying the student’s severe food allergy status.
• Notify School Nutrition Services of each identified severe food allergy student and a copy of their Food Allergy Action Plan will be provided to the Director of School Nutrition Services and to the campus cafeteria manager. In addition, a copy of documentation from a physician noting a severe food allergy will be provided to the Director of School Nutrition.
Revised 10/2019 (H.B. No. 2555)