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Students must be fully compliant with state immunization requirements in order to attend/enroll in classes in Temple Independent School District. You must show documentation of proof of immunization compliance prior to the start of the school year or at the time of enrollment.  Immunization requirements for students enrolled in Texas public schools may change from year to year.  Current immunization schedules are available at  Texas Immunization requirements  and on the TISD Health Services web page.  Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions regarding the immunization requirements.

Exemptions from immunization requirements set by the Texas Department of State Health Services are allowable on an individual basis for medical contraindications, religious conflicts and reasons of conscience. Requests must be made through the Texas Department of State Health Services. An exemptions form can be obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) by clicking here. The original copy of the notarized exemption form must be turned in to the school District for documentation purposes.  The conscientious exemption affidavit form has been revised.  Affidavits previously issued on the old forms can still be used under the existing rules:  the form must be submitted to the facility within 90 days from the date of notarization.  The conscientious exemption request process remains the same.  Additional information can be obtained from the Immunization Unit at 1-800-252-9152.  

Texas Vaccine for Children Program (TVFC)
We regret to inform our TISD families that the Bell County Health Department will no longer immunize any child who has private health insurance that covers vaccines. There are no exceptions for the fact that a private care provider may not have the vaccine in stock, nor that a family may be unable to pay the private provider co-pay. Families will need to use their own health care provider for all vaccines required for school attendance. If your child does not have private health insurance that covers immunizations, he/she may be eligible to receive required immunizations from the Bell County Public Health clinics or any other provider of the TVFC (Texas Vaccines for Children) program.Determination will be made by completing an eligibility questionnaire at the providing clinic.

Q: Are all children enrolled in Medicaid programs automatically TVFC eligible?
A: Yes, all children from birth through 18 years of age who are covered by Medicaid are considered TVFC eligible because of their Medicaid status.

Q: Are all children who have Medicaid as a secondary insurance covered by TVFC?
A: Yes, all children who have Medicaid as a secondary insurance are covered by TVFC. The state Medicaid agency will pay the claim for the administration fee and seek reimbursement from the primary insurance.

The Texas Department of State Health requires all student s to be immunized for Varicella (Chicken Pox). If your child has had the chicken pox disease, he/she will not require the immunization. AParent Verification of Chicken-Pox Disease form will need to be completed by the parent/guardian and filed in the nurse’s office at time of enrollment.