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Health Services

Temple ISD recognizes that our students are our most valuable resource. With this thought in mind, the goal of Student Health Services is to provide health care professionals on our campuses who are dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of each student. The school nurse coordinates with students, parents, administrators, and community health care providers to provide health care information, emergency and routine health care management; health needs assessments, mandated health screenings, required immunization compliance, medication administration, and specialized health treatments and procedures in the school setting. We are committed to working together as a team to facilitate each student's ability to achieve their individual educational goals.

TISD Health Services supports the well-being and good health of children and adolescents by working with parents, teachers, health professionals and administrators to design and deliver health programs at school.

These programs include the following:

  • Health instruction
  • Healthful school environment
  • Health Services
  • Physical education
  • Schooling counseling
  • Food Service
  • Health promotion for staff
  • Integrated school and community programs